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Dee C’rell - Holm Records

Latest Released Music

Anthem For The Unknowing. A Thousand Tears Upon Kapellstra├če. Signals Live From Pempelfort. The Seafarers Tale. Direction Language. Inside Such Places 

Upcoming Releases

Changing Light Her Gentle Darkness. Upon The Sacred Land Of Remorse.

Latest Piano Album

Dee C’rell - Holm Records

The latest release by Dee C’rell within neo-minimalism and contemporary solo piano is Nachtmusik. The album was created using a prepared piano and it can be found worldwide in all music stores in digital format.

Contemporary Music

Editionen Series

The latest in the series of the editionen collection is Cello und Klavier Editionen. The previous album is, Klavier Editionen. They can be found worldwide in all music stores in digital format.

Created using the superb piano technology of German piano manufactuers, Bechstein, these albums are a complexity of neo minimilism and electronic performances. 

Holm Records

Holm Records was established in 2011. The label was primarily created for Dee to create his own music, but as time progressed, Holm Records established itself as a hub for creative people who also contribute to many of the releases.

The label has no significant defining genre, and is instead structured around the concept of contemporary music making within both electronic and acoustic form.

Redefining genre related music through contemporary approaches

Dee C'rell


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Nachtmusik is released on Holm Records. Dee C’rell appears at the JBerlin museum as part of Resonant. Dee C’rell endorses Bechstein. Check out news for latest releases and free downloads. 


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You can read and in-depth interview about Dee’s upbringing as a child and how he became a musician and recording artist while growing up in Shoredtich, Hackney, London. 

Music Compilations

Dee C’rell features on a vast amount of CD's and digital compilations worldwide as an established artist. His music enthuses a variety of electronic and acoustic related music.


Media Branding

The music of Dee C’rell features on some of the most unique and elegant brands in the world.

Ranging from groundbreaking New York luxury jeweller, Harry Winstone, to in-flight entertainment on American airline company, Delta airlines.

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Dee C’rell - Holm Records

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