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Latest Contemporary Electronic Music

Dee C’rell ・Holm Records

Kompilation 2
Embracement (Re-embrace Mix)
Of Other
How Did We Become This
Anthem For The Unknowing

Latest Solo Piano

Dee C’rell ・Holm Records

Beyond The Tenure Of Tears
The Absent Filmmaker 
The Seafarers Tale
Farewell Northern Bird

The Editionen Series

Editionen Series

The latest in the series of the editionen collection is Cello und Klavier Editionen. The previous album is, Klavier Editionen. 

Holm Records

Holm Records was established in 2011. It is recognised for its alternative music releases and artwork within contemporary music.

Redefining Genre Related Music Through Contemporary Approaches

Res•o•nant Sound Installation Compositions

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Kompilation 2 is now released. Embracement Re-embrace Mix is now released. Of Other is now released. Beyond The Tenure Of Tears is released. VNR1 Radio is now in beta testing in Vienna. 


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Dee C’rell endorses leading brands within music hardware, digital music software and piano’s. You can find recommended products by Dee C’rell on the endorsement page.

Music Compilations

Dee C’rell features on a vast amount of CD's and digital compilations worldwide. His music enthuses a variety of electronic and acoustic related music. 

Media Branding

Music and sound design created by Dee C’rell features on some of the most unique and elegant brands in the world, ranging from groundbreaking New York luxury jeweller, Harry Winstone, to in-flight entertainment on American airline company, Delta Airlines.

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Dee C’rell ・Holm Records

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