Trams, Things And Other Stuff

You can find a snippet of the track, Trams, Things And Other Stuff,  which is taken from the album, Klavier Editionen by Dee C’rell, via either the official Bechstein site or their official soundcloud page, which is reposted here.


Jüdisches Museum Berlin Germany

You can find an electroacoustic composition by Dee C’rell entitled Listening at the internationally recognised Jüdisches Museum Berlin in Germany, which is part of the Res•o•nant exhibition by Mischa Kuball 


Radio Show

Dee will begin his new radio show this summer, with included guest DJ's from around the world. 

“My aim was to create a show that not only supports music, but also challenges the boundaries of electronic music in every capacity. DJ’s that I personally know and respect from around the world are some of the most groundbreaking, and it is my wish to introduce listeners to an enriched “ear-space” through the introduction of not only my own musical interests, but that of many of the finest DJ’s from around the world in their genres.” 


Nachtmusik is added to various Spotify approved playlists worldwide
Dee C’rell remix of Stupid Minds appears in the top 20 Austrian iTunes Chart
Waste No Time feat Daev Martian & Dee C’rell is released on Vinyl worldwide
The piano album Nachtmusik is released
Dee C’rell sound installation at the JBerlin museum as part of Resonant.
Singularity album released via Bandcamp
Bandcamp enters Minimal Headphone Walking into latest radio show
In conjuction with Bechstein, Cello und Klavier Editionen is released worldwide
Klavier Editionen is released on Holm Records
The original Sleeping in Düsseldorf is released on compilation CD worlwide
Is This How Love Ends is included on Fromelli CD worldwide
Dee C’rell endorses legendary Bechstein pianos
Special guest radio show on Radio Soundportal in Austria Xmas Eve 10 pm CET time
Berlin is released on Embassy of Music CD
Dee was interviewed at Radar Radio about his life and music
The piano solo, Place, is released on Embassy of Music CD
Farbenmusik is released
Carmens Theme appears on Chillout and Lounge Classics CD
Dee C’rell endorses Orange Tree Samples acoustic guitar
Sammlung is released via Holm Records
Confession Jazz-Tech Mix appears on El-Tiburon CD in Ibiza 

Dee C’rell remix of Spinning in Circles apears on El-Tiburon CD in Ibiza 
Headphone Walking appears on the Harry Winstone advertisement
Anfang is now released
The solo piano album The Absent Filmmaker is released
Editing Confession is released
Tokyo Kid world exclusive premier on JazzFm in Berlin
Dee C'rell radio show at the Buddha Bar in Monte Carlo for the festive period
Days Like These appears on the exclusive KARE CD
Carmen's Theme appears on the 200th edition of Lemongrass
Leivatho appears on Ministry of Sound album: The Morning After
Confession is realeased on Holm Records
Tech-Jazz Vol 2 Club Delux is released on ROBA
Tech-Jazz Vol 1 Lounge Delux is released on ROBA
Whodoo Berlin Beach Mix appears on CD - Cigar Lounge A Taste of Jazz
Electric Lounge Sessions album to be released on Holm Records
Farewell Northern Bird solo piano album by Dee C'rell is released on Holm Records
Transition E.P is recommended by Juno-download for the month
The Ballad of Love appears on the legendary Ibiza Jockey Club CD
Transition is now released
Distant Views is included in the Delta airways playlist worldwide