Dee C'rell


Within the news webpage, the website is kept up to date as much as possible with current events, music releases, radio and DJ sets. Below is a section of relevant information.
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New Releases


The month of June brings three new compositions by Dee C’rell which are released on Holm Records. Visit the music page for more information.


Piano album

Nachtmusik collects over two million worldwide listeners on Spotify, as the solo piano album gains further popularity within the worldwide audience of neo-classical music making genres.



You can find an electroacoustic composition by Dee C’rell entitled Listening at the internationally recognised Jüdisches Museum Berlin in Germany, which is part of the Res•o•nant exhibition by Mischa Kuball.


Live From Austria 

It is with great pleausre that we can announce that the new radio show will be live as part of the Musical Collective every month via Soundportal in Austria, with special guest DJ’s from around the world.

“My aim was to create a show that not only supports music, but also challenges the boundaries of electronic music in every capacity. DJ’s that I personally know and respect from around the world are some of the most groundbreaking, and it is my wish to introduce listeners to an enriched “ear-space” through the introduction of not only my own musical interests, but that of many of the finest DJ’s from around the world in their genres.”  

Trams, Things And Other Stuff


It is an honour for Dee to use Bechstein pianos for his recordings and you can listen to an edit on their official Soundcloud page.