How it started

“I recieved my first camera from my father when I was aged five. I fell in love with it. As I grew up in Shoreditch, I would escape the every day poverty that surrounded me and view the world through my camera lens. I would walk for miles, taking photographs all the time. It was a different period in the pre-digital realms of photography, as you waited with eager anticipation for your film to be developed."

A point of view

Image Title: Building

"I believe that art is born by the desire to express oneself. To believe in who we are, regardless of the negative tribulations around us in our daily lives. To explore our inner self and embrace what we feel through art creates, again in my humble opinion, a sense of exhilaration that we can rejoice within, Our inner expression is tied to our unique individualities, and when it is explored, we are fundamentally reborn artistically. It is within this freedom, that we can break from the boundaries which restrain each of us, and fundamentally inspire each other. Without this inspiration, there is no you or I within art…"

Holm Records Cover Art

Holm Records

All artwork found on Holm Records is photographed by Dee C’rell. The concept is designed to complement the music. If you would like the booklet please get in contact. 

Art Exhibition

Dee C'rell

Dee C’rell has exhibited art in galleries in Europe. If you are interested in Dee C’rell for exhibitions, sound installations and performance, then please visit the contact page.